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Small Changes for Big Impact: summer workshop series

Amplify impact for the benefit of people and planet with workshops packed with practical, real-life examples and knowledge you can apply straight away.


The story creates the system but we create the story

What we've learnt so far from The Reinvention Podcast


Introducing Regenerative Systems

Regeneration is a useful and practical discipline that offers a way to navigate the ambiguity of broken systems and build better, more compelling pathways forward.

Online Workshop

Winter pickle workshop

As part of Open Sauce, our series of #glutwatch workshops helps you make the most of abundant produce.

Online Workshop

Co-design in practice

Breaking down common co-design misconceptions to help you get unstuck and started in your co-design practice.


TRIP S1, E6: Eddie Harran

We explore the mysterious nature of time with Eddie Harran, a temporal designer, futurist and researcher who studies chronosophy.


TRIP S1, E5: Ben Redford

Inventor Ben Redford helps us unpack existing tensions in the manufacturing industry and how this influencing how we value what we own.


Reality bites: The pitfalls of loss aversion and how to avoid them

When creating something new, one barrier we face is the challenge of letting go. Letting go of old systems, even when we know they might not be serving us; when we know that opportunity lies elsewhere.


TRIP S1, E4: Keisha Siriboe

Dr Keisha is an advocate for the power of reading aloud in strengthening parent-child bonds. She offers valuable insights about how literacy builds resilience, connection and hope in families - especially during times of uncertainty. In a special segment, Dr Keisha answers audience questions, providing practical advice and wisdom for all parents and families.


TRIP S1, E3: Lauren Anseline

“We aren’t told the value of ageing and planning a good death because those narratives just don’t exist.” In this episode, social innovator Lauren Anseline, explores the confronting (and often avoided) topic of death and what prevents people from ageing well and accepting their mortality.


Empowering in-home support workers with WorkSafe Victoria

Victoria’s COVID 19 outbreak in aged care facilities has shown the vulnerability of the aged care sector, causing many to pause and reflect on how we take care of our community.


TRIP S1,E2: Leyla Acaroglu

Consumer behaviour in a pandemic. Sustainability provocateur Leyla Acaroglu shares some hard truths that everyone should be aware of.


TRIP S1,E1: Tammy Bryant

What if the internet was built by women? Internet diversity advocate, Tammy Bryant shares her story, trials and tribulations on her journey toward making the internet a more diverse, inclusive and equitable place.


Reframing uncertainty: a field guide for challenging times

To discover more effective ways of dealing with uncertainty, we need to rethink our relationship with it.


Customer needs alignment tool

The world has changed, and along with it many of the needs and mindsets of our customers. Use this tool to re-examine and re-align your decision-making for the post-COVID world.

Online Workshop

PAST EVENT | Collaboration in the Age of Reinvention

An alternative and playful workshop facilitated by Adam Lawrence and Kate Okrasinski that explores the behaviours and habits needed in times of reinvention.

Online Workshop

WAITLIST | Sketch-noting - the power of visual note-taking

Learn how to take better notes for yourself. In this online workshop, you will learn how to sketch-note for yourself, how to listen for key themes in fast-paced talks and discussions, and how to capture their essence in a simple, visual, and memorable way.

Online Workshop

WAITLIST | Your organisation—reimagined

Throw your business into the future to bolster your decision-making powers with this immersive, world-building workshop.

Online Workshop

WAITLIST | Kick-ass online workshops 101

Learn how to run creative, engaging and powerful engagement session online.

Online Workshop

WAITLIST | Remote collaboration: The magic & mechanics

Helping your team reinvent their approach to online collaboration by redefining culture, skills and tools to sustain their magic.


PAST EVENT | Facilitation backstage (Asia-Pacific edition)

An informal meet-up and share for facilitators, coaches, trainers, and anyone else who helps others grow and produce great work.

Partner event

From Surviving to Thriving

Applying evidence-based, Human-Centred Design approaches to help first year students get the most out of higher education.