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PAST EVENT | Behavioural Design for positive impact

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Join us for an introduction to Behavioural Design and how it can be applied to services or individuals to create sustainable behaviours for a better world.

Back by popular demand, MAKE and STREAT present Behavioural Design for Positive Impact, part of our accelerated learning series - Better Self, Better Organisations, Better Planet.

In this 2-part workshop, we introduce you to Behavioural Design and how it can be applied to services or by individuals to create a new and better world.

About the workshop

As the pandemic dust settles and we step into our new world, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of cultivating healthy behaviours that ensure courage, health and wellbeing for our people and planet.

Our current reality has brought about great change in the way we interact with each other, the technology we use and the routines and behaviours we lean on as individuals and organisations. However, for change to have a lasting positive impact, it involves designing solutions that help nudge people toward better behaviours and individuals creating and sticking to new positive habits.

MAKE & STREAT have teamed up to share how you can design strategic interventions underpinned by Behavioural Design to benefit individuals, teams, customers and our planet.

Join us to work together on some pressing current organisational challenges and opportunities to design positive nudges and habits.

Part 1: Nudges

Explores Behavioural Design and incorporating our understanding of human cognition and unconscious processing into a human-centred approach for positive impact. We will discuss case studies and ethics and get hands-on with exploring solutions to a problem we provide.

Part 2: Tiny Habits

Explores habits through hacking emotions using Stanford Behaviour Scientist, BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits approach. Learn how new habits stick through hacking emotions and how small habits can create the foundation for a ripple effect of positive change that amplifies into bigger positive behaviours in a changing world.

The workshop is designed in two parts:
  1. To minimise your Zoom fatigue
  2. To kick off your day with inspiration and hands-on learning
  3. To experiment: applying what you learn in the first session in your own context and reflect as a group on your learnings in the second

A workshop for the curious and action oriented

  • Design & Customer Experience and Innovation leaders and individuals keen to incorporate Behavioural Design into their practice
  • Intrapreneurs with a foundation in Design Thinking and bias for action
  • Individuals interested in learning about Behavioural Design and applying scientific principles to creating new behaviours.

Date, time, format

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To inquire about future dates or running this workshop for your team, contact Fiona.

Bonus - although we can't be face to face we'll bring a piece of STREAT to you: if you're based in Australia and purchase your tickets at least one week before our first session we'll send you a free gift of tea or coffee to enjoy during our session.

If you're based within STREAT's delivery area in Melbourne and book your tickets at least 48 hours before our first session, we'll hand-deliver a similar gift that also includes something delicious to nibble on.

Our facilitators
Fiona Meighan

Behavioural Psychologist & Director of Innovation Practice, MAKE, Chief Eco-Innovation, STREAT and Tiny Habits (R) coach.

Fiona is an accomplished behavioural designer, strategist and design leader. As a psychologist, Fiona has always been passionate about uncovering human behaviour insights to design positive solutions and has lead and mentored several design teams. She also has a passion for the wellbeing of people and the planet, something she has thrown herself into in her current roles. When she’s not working she loves to explore new things, immersing herself in other cultures; taking photos and spending time with her family.

Harriet McDougall

Associate Director, MAKE Studios

Harriet is Associate Director of Design, graphic facilitator and prototyping expert with a career spanning the UK, Europe and Australia. She has a depth of expertise in design for government services and social justice. A design pragmatist, she believed in demonstrating the power of design through making, testing and just f**cking doing. Her approach to design and research utilises behavioral design, systems thinking, drawing and storytelling. In her spare time, you’ll find Harriet drawing maps and comics, reading graphic novels, powerlifting and drinking gin.