Harnessing design thinking for social impact

Transforming lives through financial literacy

Enrich is a Hong Kong social enterprise that empowers migrant domestic workers through financial literacy. Their workshops equip migrant domestic workers with the tools to save, budget, and plan for a future with greater financial security while they are in Hong Kong.

hours of rapid prototyping
concepts piloted
new program implemented

A mini-hackathon with an engaged community

Over the course of a 4-hour focussed hackathon, 15 participants worked together to generate new ideas to enable Enrich’s strategic objectives. The most promising ideas were built and tested as prototypes to assess their potential impact.

Fresh creative thinking

At the end of the hackathon, teams had come up with a number of bold and creative concepts that Enrich could take forward and pilot with their community.

As part of MAKE’s “Design for Impact” series, the Enrich hackathon was a pioneer event that mobilised the community and harnessed the the power of collaboration for social impact.

Design capability training