Six new services for the future of farming with IAG

The future of farming

Australian farmers are facing intensified competition and the global demand to feed and clothe 50% more people by 2050. Climate change and the increasing dominance of corporate farming is putting pressure on many Australian farmers.

IAG approached MAKE seeking to refresh and reimagine its product and service portfolio to create better outcomes for farmers and their communities.

new insurance products launched
community programs & initiatives
Food agility
government research partnerships

Blending design with data

A multidisciplinary team was assembled that represented a variety of different brands and functions within IAG. The team augmented quantitative analysis by visiting farming communities across Australia, to speak face-to-face with farmers about their experiences. These insights enabled the team to identify and prototype new ways of working with farmers to support them and their communities.

MAKE helped us to look at the farming industry across Australia in a way I couldn’t have foreseen. They worked across a diverse team (both geographically and experientially) supporting us to review our own biases before spending any time with farmers.

Helen Whitehead, Customer Experience Manager, CGU

New insurance products and community initiatives

At the end of the project, the team had produced a strategic roadmap that identified propositions for growth in existing and new areas and validated prototypes that have since led to several major initiatives within IAG:

  • Two new insurance products have been launched, responding to the needs of different types of farms
  • A farm safety initiative has helped farmers improve their operations and reduced risk
  • Community programs and initiatives have been launched throughout Western Australia
  • A number of cooperative research partnerships have been formed focusing on food agility, including University of Western Australia’s Future Farm 2050

More broadly, the project helped to gain support for the adoption of human-centred design as an approach to generate sustainable mutual value at IAG.

Business case qualification
Concept development and validation
Ethnographic research
Segmentation profiling
Strategy development