A 23% increase in student enrolments with RMIT

Mapping the student journey

For RMIT students, the experience of going to university can be very different depending the country and campus you choose. We worked with RMIT to identify ways to improve the customer experience, attract new students to the university and improve student advocacy.

Student journeys in
4 countries
23% increase
in student enrolments
A blended project team

A multi-country perspective

We worked with RMIT’s Digital & CX team to develop a comprehensive view of the prospective student experience, mapping the journey, decision points and influencing ecosystem of students across Australia, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong.

This insight was used to rethink and redesign the end-to-end student experience.

By layering the experience of our prospective students into a clear, actionable framework MAKE have helped us build a measurable, student centric plan for the future.

Rebekah Taka, Head of Digital and Customer Experience, RMIT

Throughout the project, we worked with different teams across RMIT who would be using the tools we were developing, to better understand their work style and needs. These teams were able to use the project outputs before the project was even finished, testing and integrating a customer-centric model of working into their processes.

A 23% increase in student enrollments

As a result of the customer framework and journey mapping project, RMIT has seen an increase in student enrolment numbers across the region.

The project delivered a suite of student insights that gave teams across RMIT a fully formed view of the journey to becoming a student. These were delivered in a framework designed to allow student data to be added, creating a resource that will grow over time and meet the future needs of the teams using it.

The project built positive momentum throughout RMIT, leading to increased stakeholder engagement and internal advocacy for customer experience. By demonstrating and showcasing the value of this approach, it set in place key foundations and processes for RMIT to become a customer-centric organisation.

Data framework development
Design capability training
Ethnographic research
Journey Mapping
Persona development
Qualitative and quantitative research
Segmentation profiling
Toolkit development