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Co-design in practice

A photograph of workshop participants sitting together around a table doing card sorting activities. The table is set with flowers, fruit and snacks.

Breaking down common co-design misconceptions to help you get unstuck and started in your co-design practice.

Let’s face it - starting up and maintaining a co-design practice can be overwhelming. It can feel especially difficult to get started when there are conflicting points of view of how to engage the community in co-design activities.

For this workshop, we have packaged up our collective learnings from many years of leading co-design and community engagement projects across the sector. In this hands-on 2 hour workshop, we will unpack common misconceptions and replace them with accessible thinking models, practical participatory design principles, and handy tips on how to plan and facilitate your next co-design adventure.

What happens in the workshop

The best learning happens through doing. Through the sharing of tangible examples of our own co-design learnings and pitfalls, followed by activities that bust common myths, Co-design in Practice is an exploration of accessible ways to build your own community design practice for any sector.

We’ll also be opening up the floor to hear from you on what has worked or not worked so well in your own co-design journey. Share your learnings with us and let’s continue to bust unhelpful misconceptions for everyone!

This workshop will help you...

  • kick start and develop a co-design practice that works best for your environment, your team and the community you are partnering with
  • co-create product and service offerings with the community that are more impactful and meaningful
  • establish strategies to easily overcome common hurdles that slow down or stall co-design activities
  • define engaging approaches to take others in your team and organisation along the co-design journey

Who is this workshop for?

Feeling stuck in your co-design practice? Unsure how to maintain momentum in your co-design activities? Or still investigating how to better engage with your community?

This workshop is for anyone who has a basic understanding of what co-design is and the value it can offer, but is struggling to set up, run and/or maintain co-design activities.

When and where?

Email us at and we'll let you know when we're running this workshop next.

Your workshop facilitators
Angela Bode - Lead Service Designer at MAKE Studios

Angela has 11 years service design experience under her belt, both as a consultant and working in-house as part of an internal human centred design team at the City of Melbourne. Angela is an expert conducting inclusive research with diverse cohorts, and uncovering the root causes of systemic challenges.

Wendy Fox - Design Lead at MAKE Studios

Drawing on skill and wisdom acquired through intense investigation and years of practice, Wendy combines craft and human-centred design to deliver innovative projects that create positive change. Both maker, thinker and collaborator, she is a skilled ‘translator’ of insight to design outcomes whether designing for the public sector, social justice or the environment.