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Learn how to run creative, engaging and powerful engagement session online.

We all participate in online workshops and meetings where we find it hard to keep focus or bring energy. Research, co-design and prototyping workshops can be challenging in person, and with the limitations the move online bring this can often feel even harder.

However, there are also many opportunities in the online experience that can provide greater equity for participants and improve outcomes. This workshop is designed to help you create an online environment that maintains engagement, keeps energy levels high and gets kick-ass outcomes.



Practical results

About this workshop

This workshop is designed to equip you with online co-design frameworks and methods you can implement immediately for quick wins with your colleagues and customers. It’s a hands-on, practical workshop that encourages you to work on preparing for your own upcoming meeting or session to allow you to put your leanings into effect from the get-go.


  • Understand and experiment with mechanisms that create a great online experiences
  • Learn tangible methods and frameworks to implement for more effective online engagement
  • Applicable learnings ready for your next session


2 x 3 hour sessions -  ideally with a couple of days between the sessions. We will work around your schedule to figure out what works best for you.

Part 1: Exploring online co-design - 3 hours

Part 2: Real-time application - 3 hours

Technical requirements

Zoom - Ensure  you have a comfortable workstation and decent wifi connection to link up to Zoom. You don't need a license to participate, we will send you the Zoom link in a calendar invitation. If you don’t already have zoom, Download a Zoom plugin here.

Miro - The workshop will be facilitated from our Miro Board, which is an online whiteboard tool for collaboration. There's no need for an account, we will send you a link to use our board and also share our screen


For more information about the workshop and investment please get in touch with Kristina here to find out more.