Our work supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We take a collaborative approach to driving outcomes that are not only good for business, but people and the planet too.

Our priority impact areas are focused on three key SDGs:
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3. Good Health and Wellbeing

Healthy lives and wellbeing for all, at all ages.
Designing for the patient experience
Innovation in health and mental health
Opportunities in aged care
Trauma-informed design
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7. Clean Energy

Affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all.
Innovative approaches to providing access to renewable energy
Product and customer experience design for home solar and batteries
Opportunities for Electric Vehicle (EV) growth
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12. Responsible Consumption

Sustainable consumption and production patterns.
Circular product research and design
Circular economy service innovation
System mapping and behaviour change
Opportunities to deepen ESG value
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Our self-led projects

To support our focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, we have designed and embarked on a self-led portfolio of work. Being self-directed is very important to us as it ensures we have freedom to work in an unrestricted and objective way in service of our chosen problem and opportunity areas.

Our self-led portfolio includes:
Circular Purpose Pathways
Working with the Queen Victoria Market Purpose Precinct to:
- Help connect visitors and customers with stallholders and the positive social impact they create
- Design and create circular products at the market by reframing “waste” materials as valuable resources
- Inspire visitors and customers to make and use circular products at the Purpose Precinct and at home
Aged Care
We all know there is much to improve within the aged care eco-system. We are reimagining an aged care client, family and staff experience that is person-centred, trauma-informed and employs smart technology to ensure the high quality health outcomes and service experiences.
Clean Energy
There are a lot of exciting advancements being made in clean energy. Our focus is to amplify the social benefits of these advancements, applying behaviour change to help people make informed decisions, take action and save money.
Circular resources
Using behaviour change knowledge and principles, we are designing and prototyping interventions that work towards reducing and eliminating soft plastics from consumer waste streams.

Strategy through action

Taking action bridges the gap between strategy, execution and implementation.
Customers at the heart of everything
Prototype and experiment to learn
Work in accelerated formats
Build the culture and energy that drives momentum
Behavioural design for positive change
Systemic thinking for powerful results

Working with MAKE

MAKE’s offering is geared towards high-impact outcomes. We can help you better understand the needs, motivations and behaviours of your customers and staff, in order to design, build and launch products and services more effectively and efficiently.
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capability uplift

Embedding innovative skillsets and mindsets.
Mentoring and coaching
Culture change through new ways of working
Learn by doing, hypotheses and experiments
Organisational innovation readiness audit
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Supercharging ecosystems to create new forms of value.
Public problem solving & citizen research
Systems thinking & ecosystem design
Prototypes & beacon projects
Speculative design
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Customer experience & service design

Elevating experiences in digital and physical spaces.
Inclusive design & trauma-informed design
Product and service innovation
Desirable outcomes for people and the planet
Measurement and evaluation
Let's Collaborate

Participation and support

if any part of our self-led portfolio resonates with you, you can participate and support us in a variety of ways. We'd love to talk to values-aligned funding partners, expert advisors and motivated humans who want help us accelerate positive change.

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