TRIP S1, E6: Eddie Harran

Illustration of Eddie Harran

Eddie Harran

The mysterious nature of time

Season 1, Episode 6

Think about your relationship with ‘time’ over the last few days. Chances are it’s flown when you were having fun and dragged when you weren’t. You’ve probably saved some, made some, lost some, bent some - maybe even killed some.

But what does this elusive concept of time really mean? Eddie Harran is a temporal (time) designer and futurist and he’s here to shine a light on its deeply mysterious nature.

Meet Eddie Harran

Eddie Harran studies time. To be exact, he is a temporal designer, futurist and researcher who studies chronosophy.

Eddie set up Temporal Labs as a dedicated research lab to investigate the impact of time on humanity. Through an alter ego persona, called Dr Time, Eddie shares his discoveries on world stages to build time literacy and encourage people to inquire about the nature of time.

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S1, E6: Shownotes

In this episode, we explore the mysterious nature of time.

As human beings, we have a complex and deeply connected relationship with time to the point that we can’t imagine how we could live without it. Join us as we sit down with Eddie Harran, a temporal (time) designer and futurist, for mind bending journey into the nature of time and how it has been moulding and shaping our lives for centuries.

Links mentioned in this show:

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