TRIP S1, E4: Keisha Siriboe

Illustration of Dr Keisha Siriboe

Dr Keisha Siriboe

Reading aloud: A creative power in parent-child bonding

Season 2, Episode 4

Dr Keisha is an advocate for the power of reading aloud in strengthening parent-child bonds. She offers valuable insights about how literacy builds resilience, connection and hope in families - especially during times of uncertainty. In a special segment, Dr Keisha answers audience questions, providing practical advice and wisdom for all parents and families.

Meet Dr. Keisha Siriboe

Dr Keisha is a scholar, researcher, and international advocate of literacy education and student leadership development. Dr Keisha brings a global perspective to her literacy work, as she has worked with parents, caregivers, and educators in the United States, England, China, and Hong Kong SAR for more than ten years.

Dr Keisha is the founder of Dr Keisha Cares and Stories of Us, offering tailored early childhood literacy programs to strengthen parent-child bonds. She shares her powerful story on TEDx talks, international conference lectures and keynote speeches.

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S1, E4: Shownotes

With the rise of home-schooling, remote learning, and school closures world-wide, Dr Keisha addresses the detrimental impact of stress on both children and their parents. In this episode, Dr Keisha shares her compelling perspective about educational research and the value of strengthening parent-child bonds through literacy and reading aloud.

In a special segment, Dr Keisha responds to audience questions about literacy and shares practical techniques to reduce the impact of stress, frustration, fear, anxiety, and trauma that can hinder learning.

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