TRIP S1, E3: Lauren Anseline

Illustration of Lauren Anseline

Lauren Anseline

Ageing well and planning a good death

Season 1, Episode 3

“We aren’t told the value of ageing and planning a good death because those narratives just don’t exist.” In this episode, social innovator Lauren Anseline, explores the confronting (and often avoided) topic of death and what prevents people from ageing well and accepting their mortality.

Meet Lauren Anseline

As a Senior Social Innovator and Design Anthropologist at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Lauren works on tough social challenges. Together with the community, she is redefining what it means to live a better life.

Lauren’s work at TACSI is a long-term project focused on changing the Australian end-of-life system. Alongside community partners, Lauren is developing initiatives to improve death and dying literacy in Australia, and establish practical solutions to plan for death and age with dignity.

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S1, E3 Shownotes

In this episode, Lauren leans into a topic that is often culturally avoided: our own mortality. She believes that every person has the right to age well, not just those who can afford it.

What does it mean to ‘age well’ and prepare for death when many people have lost connection with what is important to them? Lauren examines how current mis-perceptions of death and inadequate support systems are removing our agency and ability to make decisions about how we age.  

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